This page shows some of my favourite images from the last few months and the story or situations around them.

Walsall Preacher by Russell Goffe-Wood

Walsall Preacher

I spotted this preacher on Walsall High Street and after getting into a good position to take a shot I didn’t really get anything. However, when reviewing my pictures at home I realised I’d made a very quick snap as I approached and in my eyes it couldn’t be better – eye contact, no passers by to clutter the frame and even his tiny ‘Jesus’ sign is facing the camera. His expression is perfect. A very flukey shot!

Fun at London Bridge

I really love this photo near London Bridge. For me it evokes the difference between adults having fun (taking selfies in front of a monument) and children having fun (running through fountains). The boy’s arms in the foreground are framing the children with a ‘greater than’ symbol (>), because the kids are certainly having more fun!

Wedding Smiles

What’s not to like? A married couple giving big smiles to friends with children and parents looking on and the luck to catch a big smile in the right of the image. For me it’s a full frame of happiness, but then they are my friends, so it has extra meaning.

Masters swimming documentary photography

Lane Seven

I swim regularly and compete occasionally. This image captures the essence of masters swimming – varied reaction times, ages and body shapes. Then the guy in lane seven, doing a different stroke to everyone else. You don’t see that in the Olympics!

Gallery Boogie

I love how this lady nonchalantly walks past a room of dancing statues as though it’s exactly what she expected to see in there. Yup, still dancing.

Steam Dreams

A young girl rides the steam train. I like this image as a steamy landscape and innocent portrait.