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Birmingham’s concrete intersection

It’s official name is Gravelly Hill Interchange, but out-of-towners know it as the place they always take the wrong turn when trying to travel through the second city…

Battle on the beach in the town of Sóller

At this annual reenactment, peasants march to the beaches to meet invading Turkish raiders. Canons and muskets deafen tourists. Smoke clouds the beach as the marauders land and…

The solitude of our chosen arenas

These images were captured at a masters swimming meet I took part in. The first time I competed actually. I wasn’t able to get too many images before…

🎬📸 IPDA International Conference 2019

The International Professional Development Association conference takes place each year, attracting over 100 education researchers from across the world.

🎬 The State of Adult Learning with Professor Sir Alan Tuckett

This interview was recorded to be played at a conference on adult learning which the speaker could not attend.

I’m not a wedding photographer but…

…if I were I’d be one of those documentary wedding photographers. Hanging in the sidelines and catching the moments as they happen. At the wedding of my friends…

Pop-up, mid-week bull running

I had a couple of hours to kill in a nondescript, quiet part of a Spanish town in the middle of an ordinary week when I came across…

📸 Conference on gender and intersectionality

This University of Wolverhampton conference, organised by the Education Observatory and Athena Swan, attracted guests from across the region to listen to the listen to national and international…

📸 Practical Research Methods book launch

At this short event, representatives from Routledge publishers joined author Mike Lambert to launch a ‘Practical Research Methods in Education: An Early Researcher’s Critical Guide’ published by Routledge.

🎬📸 Reaching out conference: Open digital learning for disadvantaged communities

This event brought together various experts around the creation and use of MOOCs and other digital learning tools with refugees and for language learning.

Conception to implementation, dreams to reality

This short photo story takes visual cues from unrelated imagery to pull together a familiar narrative. Familiar at least to those of us who dream big and long…

🎬📸 BASW England 80:20 Conference

The 80:20 Conference was a collaboration between the British Association for Social Work and the University of Sussex.

🎬📸 ResearchSEND conference

ResearchSEND promotes the importance of research in meeting the needs of learners with SEND, through events, collaboration, publications and research projects.

🎬📸 Leading Schools in the West Midlands

This conference bought together school leaders, postgraduate researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and academic researchers to discuss issues and challenges facing school leaders.

📸 Forest Governance Forum, Brazzaville 2018

This event in the Republic of Congo bought together 150 participants involved in various aspects of forest governance in the Congo Basin. The conference took place over 3 days with a range of presentations and panel sessions.

🎬📸 IPDA International Conference 2018

The International Professional Development Association conference takes place each year, attracting over 100 education researchers from across the world.

📸 Workshop on professional challenges for mentors and teacher educators

This workshop was a partnership between the International Professional Development Association and the West Midlands CPD Partnership.

📸 Gateway Alliance Headteacher Conference

This conference brings together headteachers from across the region for inspirational presentations and to share practice.

📸 Project action planning workshops in Democratic Republic of Congo

This series of workshops kicked off a multi-year project in the Congo Basin. We captured a series of photographs used to promote the activities, as well as some video clips and interviews to contribute towards a project documentary.

📸 Citizen Voices for Change project launch in Kinshasa

This project was launched by the Minster of Environment in DRC and the launch was attended by media channels and over 100 guests.

📸 Forest Governance Forum, Cameroon 2016

This three-day event bought together a range of stakeholders to share information around forestry related issues, from illegal logging to indigenous peoples’ rights. It was held as part…