At this annual reenactment, peasants march to the beaches to meet invading Turkish raiders. Canons and muskets deafen tourists. Smoke clouds the beach as the marauders land and a full-scale battle ensues. Swords swing, heads roll and then everyone has a hug and grabs a beer.

Whilst it really is a health and safety nightmare, the event recreates an important time in the history of the town and the island. Almost 500 years ago, local folk, women included, were able to defend their town from invaders. These days it seems they fail to defend it from invading tourists, the pirate ships having been replaced by luxury yachts. This is one day per year they get to make a mess of the tourists too, as street pirates smear their faces with black face paint. Seeing generations come together in small town celebrations is certainly something missing in many parts of the world.